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AVHB - Hydraulika, spol. s r.o.

Palhanecká 17

747 07 Opava 7

Contact person: Ing. Jaroslav Fojtek, ředitel

Tel.: +420 553 625 408, Fax: +420 553 627 520


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The enterprise run a business in a field of industrial hydraulics from 1993, in the following areas:

  • Production and sale of hoses terminations and collars, distribution of hoses
  • Complex equipment of hoses reinforcing by UNIFLEX apparatus (presses, cutting machines, hose trimming machines)
  • Production of complete hoses
  • Distribution of hydraulic screwing, rapid coupling, measuring technology, spherical cocks, tubes, tube fixtures ...
  • Production of hydraulic cylinders.


Vávrovická 275/89

747 07 Opava, Vávrovice

Contact person: Ing. Ondřej Tůma, jednatel

Tel.: +420 553 608 608, Fax: +420 553 608 609


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Since its establishment in 1991 company FERRAM STROJÍRNA gained reputation on Czech as well as international market in branch of engineering thanks to its quality, reliability, and experience. Strong point of the company is high accuracy and expertness in production and assembly, connected with experienced production management. At present the enterprise focuses on individual task single, short - run and mass – produced manufacturing We cooperate with our partners as early as in stage of manufacturing and project documentation in order to streamline of production.

We offer to our partners individual technical solutions, manufacturing, whole assembly and completion of equipment including assembly in the place of customers.

The main commercial and production alignment of the company is:

  • production and assembly of mechanical equipment by supplied documentation
  • weldments
  • weldments including machining
  • mechanical complexes including assembly
  • mining machines
  • transport and handling equipment

GENERI, s.r.o.

Uničovská 50

787 01 Šumperk

Contact person: Ing. Zdeněk Kinšt, ředitel

Tel.: +420 583 214 183, Fax: +420 583 214 183


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The company was established in 1993 as the Czech manufacturer. Products from GENERI, Ltd. are supplied according to the catalogue or are produced according to the individual customer requirement, so an optimal technical solution can be found.

The company is the Czech specialist for:

  • Explosion proof electrical equipment – MANUFACTURE
  • Repairs and consultancy concerning the explosion proof electrical equipment
  • Industrial electrical equipment – MANUFACTURE
  • Light fittings – explosion proof and industrial
  • Explosion proof plug and sockets
  • Trace heating systems, heaters – explosion proof and industrial
  • Protection boxes for instrumentation

PRESTAR, s.r.o.

Vávrovická 287/101

747 07 Opava - Vávrovice

Contact person: Ing. František Horák, ředitel

Tel.: +420 553 759 722, Fax: +420 553 759 721


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Prestar, s.r.o. is an engineering company focused on production of equipment for automated production and processing of tubes (tube straightening machines, tube packaging machines, quality non – destructive testing system, tube cutting machines and more) and production of lifting technology (products by type of load such as ingots, steel plates, rings and more, products by type of equipment such as tongs, grabs, positioners and more).

The company with the head office in Opava (CZE) was founded in 1991. In 2007 the new assembly hall was completed and the total manufacturing area is 6400 m2. Since 2001 the company has been certified in the Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000.

The supplied equipment is designed by Prestar, s.r.o., produced and assembled with assistance of a team of skilled workers. The equipment and the automated production lines are designed according to customer’s requirements and optimized according to productivity of the production line. Thanks to these principles we have become reliable and longstanding partners of our customers.

FERRIT s.r.o.

Na Zbytkách 41

739 01 Staré Město u Frýdku-Místku

Contact person: Ing. Pavel Mohelník, ředitel

Tel.: +420 558 411 605, Fax: +420 558 621 820


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FERRIT Ferrit s.r.o. was established in 1993 and commenced its activities on April 26,1993, which is the date of its registration in the Trade Register. Through its activity, the company has joined the tradition of Czech mining engineering and utilizes the contacts and experience of its working team, which has long-term experience gained in business and development departments. Not only do we have business contacts within Czech and Slovak mines but also abroad. Facilities realized by our company operate in the strip and deep mines of Siberia in Russia, mines in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and Hungary. The company supplies spare parts for Russian or Ukrainian machinery working in Czech or Slovak mines. A considerable part of our turnover comprises deliveries of machinery manufactured by our company, mainly equipment for suspension transport.

The following products are among the most significant pieces of equipment of Ferrit s.r.o.:

  • Equipment for suspension transport
  • Equipment for railway transport
  • Equipment for transport of excessive loads
  • Equipment for breaking rocks
  • Equipment for picking and loading
  • Equipment for adjusting mine profiles
  • Electrical and hydraulic equipment

ZAM-SERVIS, s.r.o.

Křišťanova 1116/14

702 00 Ostrava - Přívoz

Contact person: Ing. František Ševčík, ředitel

Tel.: +420 596 135 422-4, Fax: +420 596 135 425


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The firm is a private independent company, established in 1994. The number of our employees and also the volume of turn-over is rising from year to year. The company is specialized in service, production and supplying of electrical, electronical, security, measuring, adjustment and analyzing equipments. We are located in Ostrava-Přívoz, where you can examine and test most of products. The company is represented in Poland and Slovakia and we have a lot of local sellers.


Products for explosive environments in the underground and chemical industry.

Automation of technological processes

  • Studies, tender documentation, installation documentation, production documentation and project documentation
  • Safety switches for belt conveying and indication
  • Automation elements
  • Technological detectors for belt conveying
  • Metal detectors

Product characteristics measuring during production

  • Coal quality measuring
  • Material humidity measuring

Home and industrial gas detectors

S700 – range gas analyzers for continuous measuring

Portable measuring devices for physical quantities Testo

  • Temperature measuring
  • Humidity measuring
  • Flow measuring
  • Measuring of pressure, revolves, lighting and noise
  • Analysis of combustion products and leak detection
  • Access systems
  • Attendance systems

Hansen Electric, spol s r.o.

Těšínská 2977/79c

746 01 Opava

Contact person: Ing. Josef Šimeček, jednatel a ředitel společnosti

Tel.: +420 553 816 958, Fax: +420 553 816 930


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Hansen Electric, spol. s r.o. was established in 1992 under the name Ostroj- Hansen+Reinders, when Czech company Ostroj Opava and German company Hansen & Reinders established joint venture starting its activity in March 1993. In 2011 name of company was changed to Hansen Electric, spol. s r.o.

The company has about 220 employees, turnover goes on 750 milion CZK per year. Subject of business is development, design, production, installation and maintenance of electric equipment for potentially explosive environments, especially for underground mining,, and service and repair of electric motors and generators to 10MW.

The company offers:

  • Explosion - proof and intrinsically safe machines and devices, mainly

  • Switching devices up to 850 kW/1 000V
  • Sets for electric fluent start of electric gear (SOFTSTART) to 4 x 250kW/1 000 V
  • Transformer sets to 2,1 MVA
  • Protection sets
  • Frequency convertors to 400 kVA/1200 V
  • Explosion – proof lighting fittings
  • Intrinsically safe programmable systems for control of mining technologies
  • Intrinsically safe components for measurements and regulation
  • Other intrinsically safe devices;

  • Overhaul of electric motors and generators to 10 MW/6 KV.

Mechanisms satisfy all technical requirements for potentially explosive environments according to 94/9/EC. All machines and devices owns certificates by ATEX. The company delivers its products not only to Czech republic, but all over the word. Main customers are mining companies at Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Germany, Poland Slovakia, Turkey and others. It is concerned about the direct deliveries or sub – deliveries for mining technologies by companies Bucyrus, Kopex, T Machinery, Ostroj, Joy, Sandwik and others. Company assures guarantee and after – guarantee services for all machines and devices.